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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Episode 63 - 14/11/19 #TheFullies

The always excellent World Soccer Talk is having it's first ever MLS season awards, and one of the categories is best MLS Club podcast, and The Vocal Minority is nominated for that. So while listening to this week's episode, if you could wander over to their website and vote for us, that'd be much appreciated, thanks, and now on to this week's show
The Post season post mortem continues as the VMP crew takes a closer look at those who toiled in TFC's midfield last season. Then after the success of the mid season 'Thirdy awards'it's the much awaited end of season 'Fully awards', best goal, best game, best PR disaster and many many more awards to be won. Tony brings an unusually thorough scouting report of Panama, some classic 80's rap whooshes right over Duncan's head, Kristin's ready to fight for Justin Morrow and as always Mark's just desperate for a Hamilton based NASL team. #TheFullies.
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Episode 62 - 14/11/13 #RainingMen

The usual gang is back together for this one and freed from the tyranny of having to watch TFC play, there's a distinctly giddy end of school feel to it. This is probably the dumbest, silliest, most inappropriate episode yet, covering the end of season press conference stragglers, silly season rumours, the playoffs, and starting our review of TFC's season, as well as more of your questions in #AskVMP. Kristin hosts the middle of the podcast smoothly, Mark reveals Landon Donovan's future, Tony's ready to take on the entire city of Boston, while Duncan has bad news for AC/DC. #RainingMen

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Episode 61 - 14/11/05 #FagundezMarryKill

After a week off, dedication to new health and fitness analytics sees 3 of the 4 back in tip top podcasting shape. Tony's away, but apparently is 100% committed to the podcast, so no need to worry folks, he'll be back. We cast a longing eye at the playoffs, while picking apart the latest bloody big messes in TFC land, as well as debuting our new #AskVMP segment. Mark re-names Dan Lovitz, Duncan talks himself out of his own MLS Cup prediction, while eye candy is pretty much the only thing keeping Kristin going. #FagundezMarryKill

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Episode 60 - 14/10/23 #notKidFriendly

Well the way things have been spiraling, one of these episodes was going to wear out the censor (or the refusal to censor every m***erf**king swear) and this time it was it. In this episode, Duncan can only express himself creatively using the word f***, Mark loses his s**t over a song, Kristin looks like an a** accusing someone of making noise when they clearly didn't and Tony was being a right c*** (he wasn't but I'm all out of g**d**n applicable curses) #notKidFriendly

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Episode 59 - 14/10/16 #PostMortemTimeAgain

It's not often the gang would tell Monty Python to 'stick it', but eight seasons in makes it difficult to look on the bright side of life. In this episode, James amputates someone else's animal call, Kristin performs the autopsy of two corpses of matches, Mark euthanizes his disdain for officials and Tony gives us a bloody big diagnosis. #PostMortemTimeAgain

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Episode 58 - 14/10/07 #StarboardBow

Everyone is back and accounted for, somehow, and the gang regretfully reviews the LA Galaxy game as well as look ahead to critical matches with Houston and New York Red Bulls. In this episode, Kristin gets a song, Mark makes a Latvian legend's name longer than necessary, and Tony and Duncan mind-meld to bring to you one of the most catchy/annoying novelty tracks to ever come out of 1987's England. We're sorry. #StarboardBow

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Episode 57 - 14/10/01 #Comeback

Call it a comeback. By TFC and also by Kristin who has escaped from Vancouver and makes a triumphant hosting return. Mark is back from England, and was expected to make his own comeback but had to withdraw due to an 'unexpected' injury re-occurence. So it's another three person podcast (tri-pod?), reviewing the Portland game, the burgeoning momentum and the still existing problems that the comeback barely hid. There's also talk of Defoe and the upcoming hiding to nothing in L.A. They also picture how the other half will live after the BMO field renovation. Kristin reveals sleepover secrets, Duncan is clearly still pining for Preki, and Tony brings a really strong footy-cliche game. This one is live from the tunnel club, and due to technical difficulties it sometimes kind of sounds like we're at the other end of a tunnel. Apologies. Our sound technicians are being soundly (ha!) whipped as we speak. #Comeback

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